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reading the bible - start to end

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Newcastle Conference is delighted to host Newcastle's FIRST Bible Marathon! Wednesday 8:30pm till Saturday 8:30pm approximately. 

What is a bible marathon?
The bible marathon is a reading of the bible from start to finish, Genesis to Revelation - without stopping. Working in 3 hour shifts, we invite the community to join us to read through the entirety of the bible. We estimate it will take approximately 72 hours.

Why is there a bible marathon?
The purpose of this event is to gather our community together to read God's word and remind ourselves that it is the bible and it's holy message that brings us together and inspires us to have events like Newcastle Conference. 

How do I sign up?
Click here! You can sign up for more than one 3 hour session. If you're super keen you can join our "on call list" to make sure we've always got readers on the go!

Do I need to stay the whole time?
No. We would love you to sign up for as many 3 hour shifts as you would like to. We'll be super impressed if you sign up for the night shift!

How does it work when I'm there?
We will create a circle for our readers to sit in (the circle can be as big or as small as we need at the time) and you will read one chapter at a time for your 3 hour shift. You are very welcome to stay longer than your alloted time. 

Can I bring my kids?
Yes! Children are welcome to read as long as they can read fluently and confidently. We'd love to see your whole family there. 

I'm not really a reader, can I still be involved?
Yes! We will need catering, snacks, coffee, moral support, water, encouragement + more. Please click here if you can help in other ways. 

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