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Craig Blewett


Hailing from the southern tip of Africa are Craig and Nicky Blewett. While lions don’t roam the streets, their home, Franschhoek, in the Western Cape, does have a few shy leopards in the mountains. Craig is an I.T. lecturer who specializes in online education and so he doesn’t really exist in the real world; Nicky keeps the real world running. Their life motto is “Living a full on life” based on Jesus’ words in John 10:10, and so they have a passion for the outdoors and spend a lot of time living and working in the wilds staying in their roof-top tent. They recently helped set up the Vineyard ecclesia, which seeks to blend the interaction of physical ecclesia with the reach of online, with members attending from around the world.

David Hill

David Hill.jpeg

A little about me! I am very blessed to be married to the beautiful Lizzie. Together, we have 3 wonderful children, Ollie (18), Eddie (16) and Lucy (12). I am a Fisherman trapped in an Accountant’s body; Lizzie is an Interior Decorator Extraordinaire; Ollie a Surfer who aspires to be an Environmental Engineer; Ed a Golfing Tragic who also wants to be an Engineer, and Lucy an all Singing, all Dancing Queen whose dream is to be a Newsreader! We are extremely blessed to be members of the amazing Burnside Ecclesia in Adelaide, a place of such warmth, love, and praise. Some fun facts? One of us has been shot, one willingly jumped out of a plane, one could read your lips, another could bench press you… all while you’re receiving a signature pedicure from another! See you in Newcastle, God Willing!

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Keynote Themes

"Living A Purpose-Powered Life -
Discovering our role in God’s
divine plan"

Have you ever stood before the ocean's vast expanse and thought, 'Why am I here?’. Or stared up into the endless night sky and wondered, 'What's my role in this vast universe?' The answer to these important questions isn’t found in the ocean’s depths or the endless stars; it’s found in the Word of God. In this series, we will seek to discover God’s divine purpose both for humanity and for us as individuals. From understanding the essence of true blessings to decoding the connection between fruitfulness and multiplication, this series explores the true meaning of living a purpose-powered life.


We will see how purpose isn't just a passive idea but an active force that draws, drags, and defines our very existence. In a world often swayed by external pressures and borrowed dreams, we must learn to discern the powerful pull of a purpose greater than ourselves. We need to connect with the ultimate power source, God, and experience the unmatched surge of living a life that isn't just self-propelled but divinely pulled. We need to discover that, sometimes, the strongest push comes from the purpose that pulls. We need to live God’s purpose-powered life.

"Fellowship with our Father, our Lord Jesus, and each other"

Fellowship is more something that should be felt and less something that should be stated; experienced than constituted; treasured than debated. Fellowship is active; a principle to be practiced more than it is preached. Indeed, the measure of our grasp of the true meaning of fellowship is to be found in the extent to which we take part in ministering to the needs of our fellow disciples. True fellowship can be found in the one who is touched with the feeling of the infirmities of others, who shares fellowship with Jesus by sharing it with the brothers and sisters of our Lord.


The incisive test of whether we are in fellowship with our Lord Jesus can be found in how we treat our brethren and sisters; in the one whose desire is to preserve the fellowship of Christ in love, that none be lost. For to fellowship Christ is to love our brother and sister. To expect not from heaven what we are reluctant to show here on earth. As members of the one Ecclesia of God, let us come together and build each other up in the fellowship of our God, our Lord Jesus, and his saints.

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