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Craig Blewett

David Hill

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Hailing from the southern tip of Africa are Craig and Nicky Blewett. While lions don’t roam the streets, their home, Franschhoek, in the Western Cape, does have a few shy leopards in the mountains. Craig is an I.T. lecturer who specializes in online education and so he doesn’t really exist in the real world; Nicky keeps the real world running. Their life motto is “Living a full on life” based on Jesus’ words in John 10:10, and so they have a passion for the outdoors and spend a lot of time living and working in the wilds staying in their roof-top tent. They recently helped set up the Vineyard Church, which seeks to blend the interaction of physical church with the reach of online, with members attending from around the world.

A little about me! I am very blessed to be married to the beautiful Lizzie. Together, we have 3 wonderful children, Ollie (18), Eddie (16) and Lucy (12). I am a Fisherman trapped in an Accountant’s body; Lizzie is an Interior Decorator Extraordinaire; Ollie a Surfer who aspires to be an Environmental Engineer; Ed a Golfing Tragic who also wants to be an Engineer, and Lucy an all Singing, all Dancing Queen whose dream is to be a Newsreader! We are extremely blessed to be members of the amazing Burnside Ecclesia in Adelaide, a place of such warmth, love, and praise. Some fun facts? One of us has been shot, one willingly jumped out of a plane, one could read your lips, another could bench press you… all while you’re receiving a signature pedicure from another! See you in Newcastle, God Willing!

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